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Your Room

Have you ever walked into your bedroom, looked around at a rather cluttered mess, and just felt, well, a little spiritually dampened? If I had to guess, you probably don't ever really think about how your bedroom affects your mood, but it might have more of an impact on your well-being than you realize. So if your room (or even your attitude) is feeling a little stagnant lately, perhaps it's time to get out that old spring-cleaning hat and put on the radio for a nice day of rearranging. Because the thing is, it might be exactly what you need to lift your spirits from the moment you wake up, to the time you return home to your comfy sanctuary.

The less you have to look at or think about in your bedroom, the more easily your brain can sink into a calmer, less agitated state when you enter the space.

A cluttered space can easily manifest itself in your well-being, making you feel just as cluttered and not-like-yourself. When it comes to arranging your room in a way that's best for your overall health, it's best to think about the space you live in as something you can control, as opposed to something that controls you.

Not only do spaces affect you and your mood, they affect how you think about yourself.

And a messy mind equals a messy dream state, adding that these things also set you up for a messy day overall. Get inspired to spend this weekend to put all your stuff away and move your bed around for a little ~feng shui~ action. While you’re at it shop with us! We got some stuff you’ll definitely like :) .

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